jueves, 5 de marzo de 2015

Springback Book

Two years ago I took a workshop to make a springback journal. Even though I really liked the outcome, it felt kind of complicated to make at home. It is not an easy structure and I was too "green" to make a new one. 
Last year I started one, but never finished it because I didn't like how it was looking. 
But this year I learnt from last year's mistakes and gave it a new try and today I'd like to show you the process and the outcome.
I started by sewing the signatures with the cotton bands. 

That's how the endpapers looked.

Here the book has already been trimmed and rounded.

I applied a first thin cover with a cardboard of 1.5 mm

Then, I put a second thin cover, this one made of Murano card. I didn't glue neither the spine nor 1 cm on each side.

I started applying thickness on the spine to compensate the thickness of the final cover.

Then I put some faux nerves and the thick final cover. The structure was complete. Here I was about to apply paste to glue the leather.

Spine and covers already covered...

Once the leather was glued and dried, I gilded a decoration on the cover and gave the final touches to the leather with the burnisher. This is the final result:

The springback is known for its easy opening.

Handsewn headbands.

The endpapers are made of paste paper, which I  decorated myself earlier.

This time I do feel quite happy with the results. I am glad to say I no longer fear making more of this!

I hope you liked this post. Have a nice week!


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