martes, 31 de marzo de 2015

Another Springback book

Since I really enjoyed working on the first springback book, I decided I wanted to make another one. Here is how it looks:

I started by folding the Tomoe River paper into signatures and sawing the holes.

Then I sew the signatures using ribbon.

I glued the back and then I trimmed the book. After rounding it, I applied a layer of backing cloth.

And then, the first thin cover comes.

I made my own headbands. I love how they resemble a braid!

Then I glued the bookmark and the headbands on the spine and added a few layers more of backing material.

Then, I glued the second thin cover.

Then I started adding layers on the spine, so it would have the same thickness as the front and back covers.

Here I have already applied the thick cover.

I glued some faux nerves on the spine.

Then I cut the leather.

And I paired it.

Then I used iron sulphate and oxalic acid to create some effects on the leather.

Once dry, the leather was ready to be applied onto the book.

After doing some gilding, it was done.

And pictures of the final results:

The endpapers are paste paper that I decorated myself.

Hope you liked it!

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