jueves, 26 de marzo de 2015

Parker 51 Review

I found this fountain pen in an Antique shop that I had already visited before. Besides Parker 51, I also bought a Sheaffer Snorkel that I have already reviewed. The pen didn’t come with its original box, so I can’t comment anything about it. This is the second Parker 51 that I buy (the first one being a Parker 51 Aerometric), and, like the other, it is wonderful I every way, which confirms its place as one of the most emblematic fountain pens.

Appearance & Design (10-10) 
Similar to Sheaffer Snorkel regarding its subtle design, almost minimalist, I find in Parker 51 an elegant and discreet pen. Personally, I think it is a design one enjoys more with time. Even though in the beginning it may seem too simple, the design reveals its functional charm little by little. The body is resin and it goes with a metal cap. Again, even in this section Parker 51 is an icon.

Construction & Quality (10-10) 
I just can say one thing: Parker 51 is built in an excepcional way. Except for the minimal wear off, the pen is in excellent condition after all the years that have passed. I am sure that with an adequate maintenance, this pen will keep working as new for many more decades.

Weight & Dimensions (9-10) 
The pen has a weight and size adequate. It may be somewhat light for some, but I love it. I don’t think anyone can find it uncomfortable.

Nib & Performance (10-10)
The nib of both my Parker 51 is rigid. As I have said before, this doesn’t bother me and I actually prefer pens with a rigid nib because I find that they are easier to control and respond better to quick writing. Both Parker 51 have a juicy nib and require good quality paper in order to not suffer from feathering or bleed through (I like nibs this way). I have never had a problem with the nib, it writes on first trial and no problems of skipping. Two of the best nibs of my collection.

Filling System & Maintenance (7-10) 
The filling system is the famous Vacumatic. The bottom part unscrews and it shows a botton to fill the pen. It’s a funny system, but kind of uncomfortable to clean (not as much as the Aerometric, but not as easy of cleaning as a converter).

Cost & Value (10-10) 
As most Parker 51, mine had a good price. Pens of this quality and price make me wonder if it is still worth it to keep buying modern pens when for less than half the price I can have something as a Parker 51.

Conclusion (Final score 9.3)
A pen worth having in any collection. 

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