jueves, 21 de mayo de 2015

Custom Order for Priscilla with Tomoe River

Priscilla asked me to make two journals. Both are approximately 21 x 15 cm (8.26 x 5.9 inches) and have 400 pages (800 counting both sides) of cream Tomoe River paper. 

This is the first journal.

She asked for a Ethiopian style with black leather and the word "Reverie" gilded and the butterfly gilded underneath.

A nice characteristic of this journal is the true nerves showing on the spine.

For the endpapers, she asked for a marbled paper in blue or purple tones. After sending some pictures to her, she went for this one.

For the second journal, she checked my Etsy shop and liked a particular journal. It is an Ethiopian style, too, but instead of full leather it is half leather.

The leather is brown and the paper is a Bomoart paper which represents some shelves full of books.

Here you can also see the nerves showing.

She asked me to gild a fleur de lys on the spine, however due to the nature of the structure of this journal that is not possible. I suggested I could put full leather on the back of the journal and gild the stamp in the middle. Some books in my shop are made this way, except instead of leather they have cloth. She agreed to this, so here it is the back of the journal.

For the endpapers, she asked for a brown paper. I haven't got brown marbled paper, so I showed her a paper I got in Barcelona. It is a handmade paper from India. She loved it, so I used it.

Anyway, these journals should soon be in her hands. I hope she likes them!!


jueves, 14 de mayo de 2015

Custom Order for Amber using Tomoe River paper


Today I would like to share with you another custom order I recently made. For this one, I was asked a full leather in a Gatz' Ethiopian style. It is approximately 21 x 15 cm and it has 400 pages (800 counting both sides) of cream Tomoe River paper.

She wanted the word "Davis" blind tooled on the bottom right.

Also, she asked for an elastic band.

For the part of the inside of the covers I used paste paper that I made.

Finally, I made a box for her to keep the journal. For the box I used red cloth and the same paste paper for the top of the box, so it combined with the journal. The inside of the box has red velvet, so it gets a soft touch.

I hope she likes it when she gets it!

Thanks for reading!!


martes, 5 de mayo de 2015

Custom Order for Jaime using Tomoe River

Today I would like to show you the outcome of a custom order I received. Both journals have 400 pages of white Tomoe River paper and are approximately 21x14 cm (8.26x5.51 inches). 

This is the first journal:

Jaime asked for a full leather Ethiopian style journal. She chose a light blue leather and demanded a blind tooled tree on the cover.

It has a navy blue elastic band.

The endpapers are made of paste paper that I decorated myself.

The second journal is this one:

For this one, Jaime chose the same bookbinding style, but instead of full leather she chose a half leather consisting of black leather and a musical Bomoart paper (I love Bomoart paper, I will never stop saying that!).

This journal also has an elastic band, this time in black.

Since the cover was not plain, I decided the endpaper should be, otherwise it might look too "full". I used a Canson Miteintes cardboard.

Those journals are already in Jaime's hands in the USA. I hope she enjoys them!

Thank you for reading. As usual, any comments or questions are welcomed.