martes, 5 de mayo de 2015

Custom Order for Jaime using Tomoe River

Today I would like to show you the outcome of a custom order I received. Both journals have 400 pages of white Tomoe River paper and are approximately 21x14 cm (8.26x5.51 inches). 

This is the first journal:

Jaime asked for a full leather Ethiopian style journal. She chose a light blue leather and demanded a blind tooled tree on the cover.

It has a navy blue elastic band.

The endpapers are made of paste paper that I decorated myself.

The second journal is this one:

For this one, Jaime chose the same bookbinding style, but instead of full leather she chose a half leather consisting of black leather and a musical Bomoart paper (I love Bomoart paper, I will never stop saying that!).

This journal also has an elastic band, this time in black.

Since the cover was not plain, I decided the endpaper should be, otherwise it might look too "full". I used a Canson Miteintes cardboard.

Those journals are already in Jaime's hands in the USA. I hope she enjoys them!

Thank you for reading. As usual, any comments or questions are welcomed.

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