lunes, 10 de octubre de 2016

Three Springbacks to the Middle West

Today I want to share you one of the biggest orders I have had. Three springbacks for the same person! Well, not actually the same person: one for him, one for his wife and one for a friend. And, from the first time, my customer was from the Middle West; from Iraq.

I have already showed several times and I will show some more in future posts the work in progress of the springback, so, for this time, I will not show that many pics of that.

The first of the journals was for Ahmad himself. I used a burgundy leather and he chose the endpapers, which I printed. The decoration was his name and an arabesque blind tooled. His journal was Arabic style, meaning it opens from right to left.

Dhoha's journal was made with turquoise leather. The chosen endpaper was a Bomoart. The decoration was her name and a tree blind tooled. Her journal was also Arabic style.

Finally, Mohammad's journal was special: it was the first time I had used leather that I dyed myself. I used alcohol based aniline. The result was a nice blue with different tones, I hope they can be appreciated on the pictures. The endpapers were chosen by Ahmad and I prined them. His name and the arabesque were blind tooled on the cover. His journal was Occidental style.

I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day!