lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

A Bookbinding by Emili Brugalla

Today I am showing to you an amazing work made by Emili Brugalla, considered one of the greatest masters of the last century.

Look at this spine:

This gilding has been made with gold leaf. Handmade, obviously. To make this gilding, the master had to put the pallet in the very same spot many times, probably five or six, everytime with a new layer of gold leaf.

Take a look at the letters forming the author's name: so thin, so precise, so perfect.

This is not a single pallet: it's a composition of many pallets. Imagine you had to put each pallet in the exact spot; now imagine you had to put this pallet five or six times. Now remember this composition is repeated five times in the spine. And I that I've seen it personally can say that there is not a single mistake in any of them. They all look perfect, identic, it's amazing.

The edges are gilded. Look at the detail of the wheel on the very borders of the covers.

Look at these handmade headbands, they are perfect!

The inside of the covers is also gilded. Also,in this image you can see Brugalla's signature and the year this artwork was done: 1959.

I really feel lucky of having seen and touched this wonder.
I hope you l iked it too.

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