miércoles, 21 de mayo de 2014

Flower Time in the workshop

The beautiful city of Girona embraces spring every May celebrating a festival of flowers called Temps de Flors, which translates Flower Time. The cathedral, the traditional buildings and monuments are decorated with flowers. But also the hotels, restaurants, cafés and shops participate decorating their exterior and interior walls and display windows.
Today I wanted to show you how was decorated the workshop where I learnt bookbinding.

My teacher wanted to show the people from the street the basic steps to make a book. Here the signatures are in the press to make the holes.

On the side the people could see how the text block is sewn.

Then, one could find the text block in the press. This text block is special, because it shows the many stages of the process that takes place in the spine. 

Finally, one could see some covers with no text block and a finished book.

The shears were decorated too.

As were the presses, like this one.

This was in one of the display windows.

This was another one. The books shown were made by the pupils!

And these are general views from the inside.

I hope you enjoyed this pictures. I certainly enjoyed seeing the workshop like that, I think it looked very beautiful.

Questions are welcome. Thanks for reading.

Anna J. Bach

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