lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

Celtic Braid Journal


As a bookbinder I realize there are so many different styles out there in the world. For this reason, I introduced Creative Friday. In these Fridays I try things I have never done before.

Today I'd like to show you the results of last weeks Creative Friday: Celtic braid journal. I used a tutorial by Manuel Valero which can be found here: . I only made a braid, unlike Manuel, who made two. The tutorial is in Spanish, however, Manuel takes many, many pictures so even if you don't know Spanish I am sure you can follow with just the photos.

First, the signatures with the covers I made. I blind printed an arabesc on the cover. Also, you can see my book of tutorials. I printed all of Valero's tutorials and bound them to check them every now and then, since I don't have my computer on my workshop and it would be very annoying to go upstairs-downstairs everytime I wanted to check the next step.

Then you can see the covers with the papers and the holes. Everything ready to sew! I went fast for all the cover making process, because it is the same everytime and the interesting part, for me, was the sewing.

First step of sewing.

Half sewing.

And the final results.

I am not entirely happy with the results. The binding is quite weak, specially in the last signature, but I think it can be solved in the future. I also think the braid might have looked better if there had been a longer separation between the points, noted reference for the future.

Thanks for reading!!

Anna J. Bach

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