miércoles, 24 de julio de 2013

Islamic Bookbinding

During the last months I have been attending many bookbinding classes and it is about time that I show the outcome to you.
The first work I will present is a Islamic bookbinding with so much work behind. It's hard to count the number of hours, but so you can have an idea I will say that the course consisted of seven sessions of four hours each, with homework. However, the outcome is worth it.
In the cover, the back and the flap we printed a motif on the goat leather.

These headbands are pretty complicated. To make both headbands, which are completely handmade, it took me four hours of work and two hours just to understand how to make them.
The filigree also took me a while. First, the motifs are printed on transparent paper. We cut the forms using a cutter. Then, we put the paper on the leather and with a special took we hollow out the leather. This process required, in this case, about four hours.
The inside part of the covers and the filigree is made of silk.

In conclusion, I am pretty happy with my work. Now I just want to have the tools needed to make another one!

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