martes, 12 de junio de 2018

Rebinding a Broken Book (signature)

Last January, a woman brought in five music books that were very dear to her. Those books had been used for decades and were in a very bad shape, with many loose pages and not holding together at all. Two of the books were single signatures hold by two staples, the other three were loose sheets. They were all soft cover. The only request was that the books had to open very well, as they had to be put on the piano in front of the player. In this post I will cover one of the signature books; in the next one, one of the loose sheets.

This was the state of the book.

First of all, I repaired the torn pages using paste and Japanese paper.

Once all the pages held together, I punched some holes on the spine and sew the booklet as a single signature.

I glued a couple of folded covers on each side of the signature. Aside, I made the leather cover and decorated it. She wanted the name of the book on the low right corner and some other tooling on the center.

I glued the endpapers in the cover and the book was done!

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