viernes, 9 de junio de 2017

Some gilding and tooling

I have been doing some gilding and tooling lately. For the gilding, I have been using fake gold, but I am waiting for my real gold to arrive. I also ordered silver and copper, so we'll see how that works out.
Here you can see the process. I first stamp with my tool cold, with the leather wet. Then I press with my tool heated, so the mark gets deeper. Always with the leather in wet, else the print would not be deep and the leather would risk damage. In this image, the stamp on the left has already been hot stamped, while the two on the right only have had the cold pressing.


Some of the results. This one has 48 toolings with 5 different stamps, both done twice, so a total of 96 times I stamped. 


I tooled a pallet and gilded three different stamps with fake gold (also called American gold or foil).

And finally, a single gilding with foil, too. 


I will come back with my work using real gold, silver and copper soon. Can't wait to try out those!!

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