viernes, 20 de enero de 2017

New Face for a Special Book

Today I wanted to share with you a rebounding of a book I made last year. For the person who wanted the book, it was a very important book, and he wanted to have a nicely bound edition.
The first step was ordering the book online.

The book was bound in a single-sheet soft cover. That meant I had to discard most bindings, as they work in signatures, and had to go with an American binding. I removed the cover. There was a really thick layer of industrial glue that I had to remove, because the book had to be rounded. It was so complicated, I finally had to cut, but because they were already single sheets, it didn't matter!
Anyway, after trimming out the glue, I made some cuts to the text block in order to insert some cord, then I gave the rounded form to the spine and applied some glue. Once the glue was dried, the block was ready to be worked on.

I applied the cords, the headbands and the backing cloth.

Once the text block was ready, it was time to work on the covers. A brown leather was chosen, with handtool decorations and the name stamped on the front cover in Bradley font.

And the finished book.

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