domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

Custom Order for Monica

Some months ago, Monica contacted me for a custom order. She originally wanted a journal, but after showing her all the options, she finally decided she wanted five journals!

But there was one problem: she wanted all the journals in Tomoe River, but I only had paper for two. For that reason, I sent her samples of three different papers: Fedrigoni, Torreon and Canson. She tested them and decided that the most fountain pen friendly one and the one she preferred was Torreon.

She wanted two journals for her that looked the same. She chose a modern Ethiopian style with full black leather. It had 400 sheets, that is, 800 pages, of Tomoe River paper.

She asked me to put two red bookmarks and a black elastic band.

She wanted me to engrave her family name, Lucero, on one side of each journal.

For the endpapers, she wanted a Bomoart paper with vintage writing style.

The third of the journals was made for her mother. She wanted the same journal style, but with red leather and black bookmarks.

The endpapers were a different Bomoart paper, this one with a music theme.

For her mother, Monica wanted a stamp engraved on the center of the journal.

Tomoe River is only 52 gsm, however Torreon is 90 gsm. Since this journal also had 400 pages, the final journal was very thick compared to the black ones: almost 10 cm or 4 inches thick!

The other two journals were for a couple of friends and she chose a completely different style: they were linkstitch. This style has soft leather covers and she chose two different colors: olive green and orange.

As you can see, these journals were also very thick: more than 10 cm or 4 inches. They had 400 pages of Torreón paper.

She asked me to use black leather as a strap to close the journal.

For the green journal, she chose an engraved Celtic cross.

This is how the journal looks open. You can see the flexibility of the journal.

This is the orange journal. She also chose a black leather strap for the closure.

A close up of the engraving of the arabesque.

The journal opened.

An appreciation of the thickness of the journal.

This journal also had 400 pages of Torreon paper and was more than 10 cm or 4 inches in thickness.

I had never shipped such a big package! I had to use a box that used to keep 5000 sheets, the ones usually bought for offices. It was about 5kg! It felt amazing to carry it to the post office to ship.

Monica received the journals many weeks ago and I am happy to say that she was pleased with them, as her mother and her friends were of their gifts.

Any questions are always welcome :).

Have a nice day!

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