viernes, 27 de febrero de 2015

Sheaffer Snorkel Review

I found this fountain pen in an antique shop I had already visited before. Apart from the Sheaffer Snorkel, I also bought a Parker 51 Vacumatic that I will review later. The fountain pen didn’t come with the original box, so I can’t comment anything on that. I think that the pen is wonderful and, for the price for which I got it, I couldn’t ask for more.

Appearance & Design (10-10) – 
I think the design of the pen is subtle, almost minimalist. I would say this is what makes it elegant. I have always felt attraction for the pens with a simple design, less showy. In spite of its simplicity, the pen has some beauty. I know some people don’t like the combination of black resin and gold, but it looks like a classic combination to me. The metal caps are my favorite and this isn’t an exception.

Construction & Quality (10-10) –
Like with many other vintage pens, one can notice in this one how well made were the fountain pens before. The fact that so many years have passed and this pen works extremely well proves that. Except for the usual remarks, the pen is in perfect conditions.

Weight & Dimensions (9-10) –
The pen has an adequate weight and size, similar to the Parker 51. I think no one could find it uncomfortable.

Nib & Performance (9.5-10) –
The Sheaffer Snorkel has a rigid tubular nib, it’s a nail. Personally, I have no problema with rigid nibs, I think they are pretty functionally and easier to control. The nib of this Sheaffer is the famous Triumph nib. When I bought it, the nib was too fine for my taste, even though the nib by itself was wonderful in its performance and design. After writing some pages, I decided to send the pen to a nibmeister to turn it into a juicy M nib. The result is spectacular. It’s one of the best nibs I have tested.

Filling System & Maintenance (8-10) –
This is the famous snorkel filling system. It’s incredibly fun to use, apart from the fact that it allows you to reach until the last drop of ink. However, changing the ink it’s going to be complicated, since the cleaning of this filling system takes time and it’s hard.

Cost & Value (10-10) –
As many other vintage pens, the price I paid for the Sheaffer Snorkel was much inferior of what I would have paid for a mordern pen of the same quality. I think it is one of the best fountain pens I have in my collection.

 Conclusion (Final score: 9.4) –

An amazing fountain pen worthy of being in any collection. 

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