martes, 31 de diciembre de 2013

Custom order for Diana

Diana wanted to make a present to her boyfriend's mother, so she thought in me. The first thing she did was asking me if I had a paper with cats, because her mother-in-law loves them. Luckily, I had the ideal paper.
The next step was to choose how would the journal be. Diana came to my home and she saw the various types of binding I do: Belgian binding, Coptic binding, leather bound, longstitch, linkstitch,... and she finally chose the basic bookbinding. She chose the size, the number of pages and the color of the fabric. All that was left was to work!

This was the outcome:

For the covers, Diana chose the paper with cats combined with green fabric:

The headbands are handmade:

For the endpapers I used a green texturized paper:

From the cat paper to the endpapers, passing the style and the headbands, I loved this journal. I am even thinking in making a similar one for me.

I hope you enjoyed and, you know, any question, comment or suggestion is welcome.

Happy Holidays!

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