miércoles, 12 de junio de 2013

Marbled paper

For the last week I have been marbling paper. Yes, for a whole week! Those of you who know how to marble know the preparation of the paper and of the bath takes time.

The first time I had marbled was during a three-day course in April, but this was my first time marbling at home, with my boyfriend (who had never marbled before).

I have made so many marbled papers now!! I intend to do some bookbinding with them. I will use them as a cover or as endsheets. However, since there are so many, I also intend to sell them online.

These are some of the materials we used. Each of these glass bottles was filled with one color of gouache, mixed with distilled water and ox gall. Each one had a dropper, just to make sure we didn't mix the colors. You can also see the tray with the bath of distilled water and carrageenan (a seaweed) and, beyond, the combs to make all the beautiful forms typical from marbled paper.
Trying the color red on the bath.
Some images of the colors on the bath and combing them:

Finally, some of the results!

I hope you like the pictures! Many people have been asking me to upload a tutorial on marbling paper, so that is probably what my next post will be about.

Have a nice week!

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